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Preschoolers laughing at Mr. Magichead show June 5, 2017

"Simply the best magician you will see.  His magic is not cheesy or old fashioned, but rather funny, energetic and amazing. I have hired him to perform at my preschool for years.  He is an annual favorite.  I have never seen kids laugh so hard.  Mr. Magichead keeps them fully entertained for a complete hour!  His best trick (and he does it everytime) is to pick a child (who I would never expect to volunteer) and make them the star of the show.  The child leaves with a new-found confidence.  Now that is what I call magic.  All that and the cutest bunny you have ever seen."  from Yelp review

Mr. Magichead's most recent preschool performances include June 14 in Wellesley MA for the Abbott Learning Center graduation, June 10 in Braintree MA for Step Ahead Kindergarten, May 13, 2017 in Weston MA for Countryside Playschool and May 10, 2017 in Hudson NH for Early Start Learning Academy.  

Other recent preschool shows include March 13, 2017 in Ellington CT for The Little Nursery School (3rd appearance).

The Mr. Magichead show always makes the grade! With rave reviews at hundreds of hilarious preschool magic show performances to his credit, it's easy to see why many preschool directors simply book Mr. Magichead every year.  Perfect for preschool graduations and preschool summer programs, The Mr. Magichead show is also well-suited to preschool holiday celebrations and especially open-house events. See why many parents remark (after attending a Mr. Magichead show) that "they have never seen their child laugh that hard". 

Hilarious, one-of-a-kind preschool entertainment

What you get: A 45-50 min. high-energy, interactive comedy-magic show aimed squarely at ages 4-6 featuring the appearance of a live rabbit. The show is followed by 5-10 min. bunny petting and photo opportunities. Among the highlights of this quickly-paced costume-character performance are the use of audience assistants on stage, lots of silliness and ludicrous predicaments, and loads of surprising magic that will mystify even the most sophisticated grown-ups.  This performance is self-contained, can be set-up just about anywhere and does not require a great deal of space. 

What you will see: Preschoolers sitting in one spot for 45-50 min. Everyone laughing at the bumbling magician in the wacky costume. Constant looks of amazement. 

What you will hear: Squeals. Screams. Ooos. Aaa's. Whoa's. Non-stop laughter.

Why it's special: Hilarity. Surprises. Originality. Energy. Experience.

How Much? $295.00 plus $0.50 per mile round trip within 100 mi. of Worcester MA.

How this works: When you decide to book a show, (for 1st time customers) we email you an agreement, which you sign & return with a 50% deposit.  Mr. Magichead will arrive on site 1 hr. prior to show time, and will begin load-in 25 min. before show time.  

The Fine Print: The performer must be positioned in such a way as to prohibit backstage or on-stage views of the performance.  Against a wall or kitty corner often works best, but in any event there must be a straight line-in-the-sand where everyone is on one side, with the performer on the other side. Outdoor shows can be staged (without the sun in the audience's eyes) on a flat & level surface.  On sweltering days outdoor shoes must be held in a shaded area. 

"We recently had the Stupendous Mr. Magichead perform at our son's preschool graduation party. He was incredible!  He had the kids enrapt for a full hour (difficult to do with ten five-year-olds!) Mr. Magichead has the unique ability to fully entertain the kids and keep them sitting and engaged. He had the parents laughing and entertained as well. It was fun for everyone.  If you're looking for a magician, or any entertainment for your child's birthday party, all you need is Mr. Magichead."  Marice P. Stow MA on Yelp

"After ____ _____'s  show today (a "magic" show surprisingly devoid of magical elements), I asked the kids if they liked it. They gave me a quiet yes. I asked if there was something wrong with the show. One child looked at me and said there was a problem with it. He said the problem was that the Mr. Magichead show was a just a hundred zillion times better. The other kids enthusiastically agreed. Then the child said, " Tell Mr. Magichead that he is much better."  You have been told." Anon/Preschool Director  

Mr. Magichead plus preschool graduations equal guaranteed fun!

Mr. Magichead puts the fun in preschool fundraisers.

From a preschool director:
"The Mr. Magichead Show fosters numerous educational components including: Practicing numeric and literacy skills, learning cause & effect, encouraging listening skills and following directions, building confidence in audience volunteers, stimulating imagination, helping even the shyest children find their voice and allowing kids to laugh their heads off and have the time of their lives."

An Accidentally Funny Magician entertaining children ages 4-9 (and kids-at-heart of all ages) at birthday parties, schools and family events in MA, NH, RI, CT, VT and Maine
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Revised: August 10, 2017

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